Friendship Leaderboard

While solving puzzles is an important side quest for this camp, we also want you to actually gain friendship through this camp so… why not let’s have another side quest: FRIENDSHIP LEADERBOARD? This leaderboard basically allows you to gain points by completing the following challenges and the point can later be used as hints for the puzzle hunt! For the slides, please click here!

10Instagram Drawing
IG flappy bird challenge
Special talent by individual
Like, tag 2 people from your OG and share MSL video
Create memes using OG member face
20OG 10 years challenge
Unglam Groupie
Group photo between 2 OGs
Heart Shape Group Photo
OG Singing Passionately
Recreate the iconic YB “attention” scene
30OG Tik Tok Challenge
Short 1-minute OG conversation and imitate celebrities or YouTuber
OG Singing Xue Hua Piao Piao
6 Degrees of Separation with OGL
OG Lunch/ Dinner photo
OG Qing Rong Dance Challenge
50Take at least 5 group photos and whole OG must post on IG before last day of camp
100Recreate the promotional video then upload to IGTV/ Facebook and tag us

Terms and Conditions:

  • Seniors reserve the rights to request the freshies to redo or recalibrate the score if the quality is not up to standard
  • Seniors are required to do at least 3 else he/she has to treat for supper and bbt
  • Freshies can do at your own time own target
  • Freshies and seniors have to agree to the terms and conditions no matter what
  • If the content is interesting, seniors can share into the chat group and the OG will be awarded extra points
  • 10 points per hint credit, max 10 redemptions
  • 30 points to know the puzzles that feed into a metapuzzle, no cap on redemption