EZ link Card

What is it

A multipurpose cash card, mostly used for transportation just like ‘Touch N Go’. If you are not staying on campus and your usage for public transportation is frequent, you are encouraged to apply for the student concession card where your monthly transport fare is at a cheaper rate. However, if you are staying on campus, the normal EZ link card would be a better choice.

How to use & where to use

Just tap on the card reader on the bus or at the MRT gantry before entering. Bank card (with pay wave option) can be used to replace EZ link card. In the University, EZ link card may be useful when you want to pay for a printing service.

How to top-up

You can top up your EZ link card at the top-up machine around the MRT station, where you can choose cashless top up or top up with cash.

You can also top up your via the EZ-Link app, 7-Eleven Convenience Stores, DBS/POSB ATMs, OCBC ATMs,

Where to get

You can purchase your EZ link card at the Ticket Office at the MRT station.