Module Registration (Modreg)

NUS has prepared a very comprehensive guide on the Module Registration (Modreg) system which you can find here :

To ease your process of selecting modules and planning your semester’s timetable, we recommend using the website :

Planning your timetable

An example of a timetable in NUSmods is shown above.

To make yours,

  1. Type in module code or name in “Add module to timetable”
  2. Select the module
  3. Classes with fixed time such as weekly lectures are allocated for you on the time table
  4. For tutorials and labs which may have multiple sessions per week, you may press on the current time slot and select the desired time slot (refer below)
  5. Download and set as your wallpaper to motivate yourself to attend classes!
Selecting desired time slot for sessions with multiple time slot

Choosing your modules

NUSmods stores information on every module offered by NUS and you can look up information on a module you may want to take to understand its content and workload.

Level 2000 modules onward may have prerequisites to take the course, make use of NUSmods to plan ahead which modules you would have to take in order to be eligible for certain modules.

NUSmods also allow the public to leave comments/reviews on the modules. They can help give you insight on what to expect for the course.