Qualifying English Test (QET)

If you have missed out on our QET sharing session on the 4th July, check it out here!

What is the purpose of QET?

The results of the QET determines which student can be exempted and which student is required to take additional modules.

For students who achieved Band 1 in QETRequired to take:
ES1000: Foundation Academic English
ES1103: English for Academic Purpose
For students who achieved Band 2 in QETRequired to take:
ES1103: English for Academic Purpose
For students who achieved Band 3 in QETExempted from taking the 2 modules

Who may take QET 1?

International students who have been informed by the faculties that they are required to take QET 1.
All other international students are to take QET 2 in November 2021.

How many sessions are there in QET 1?

There are 2 sessions:
Session 1 – reporting time: 9:00 am; test duration: 10:00 am to 11:45 am
Session 2 – reporting time: 1:00 pm; test duration: 2:00 pm to 3:45 pm

When are students notified on the details of the test, given that the registration is already completed?

Students will be informed through an email on Friday, 2 July, 2021:
– Test session that the student is assigned to
– Zoom meeting link and password to the session

How will QET be conducted?

QET will be conducted in a digital format by using a software named Examplify.

What are the things to prepare for the briefing and actual test?

Students are required to prepare:
– a laptop for completing the paper using Examplify
– mobile phone for invigilation using Zoom video conferencing tool
– identification document with photo (Student card, passport)

When is the release date of the QET results?

21 July, 2021 (Wednesday)