Humans of MSL – Chia Sing

Chia Sing matriculated in 2017 and was MSL President for her batch

How did you learn about MSL?

I got to know about MSL through word of mouth from Gunn, who is the son of my dad’s friend. It was way before attending the welcome tea, guess I had a head start of learning about MSL?

Why did you step up to become the president of MSL?

I feel that seniors from MSL have provided more than enough help to help me adapt to university life. While it is beyond my capabilities to provide support to the seniors, I think one way to repay the kindness, is to pass on the legacy by doing what was done by the seniors — helping my juniors.

What is your legacy?

Frankly, I have no idea. Please don’t ask me this kind of questions. <said jokingly>

What do you hope your legacy is?

Stop asking me strange questions. <Again jokingly.>

What is your best memory in MSL?

Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend any beach day events organised by MSL. However, the city tour was memorable, where everyone decided to be photogenics for a day.

UFO was definitely a great one, where I felt well taken cared of by the seniors. The games were also very fun!

What do you envision MSL to be in the future?

There is no better feeling than the feeling of home! In Mandarin Chinese, we call it “归宿感“ (The homely feels). Seniors from different batches are very willing to help, very kind and generous when offering help to juniors hailing from the same motherland. However, one word of advice is that we should “help” juniors rather than “spoon-feeding” them. They should also take initiative to help initiate events.

Every member of MSL has the responsibility of safeguarding the honor and name of MSL, upholding the image of MSL. Between committee members, we should work together well and resolve conflicts in the earliest time possible. This is because conflicts that are suppressed and brewed for a long duration would result in an even larger conflict. Everything should be discussed openly as no one is able to read your mind.

Any advice for Malaysian freshman about uni life?

Step out of your comfort zones, don’t live in a (hermit?) shell. University is the last stage of life of being a student. If you do not enjoy university life fully, only study 24/7, you’ll really end up regretting.

When you get out of university, there would be less opportunity for you to socialise with new people/friends as colleague bonding is just for the job.

Value your opportunities, your CCAs. If you aren’t a CCA person, at least give back to MSL.

Any good food places to recommend in Singapore?

I think Tanjong Pagar is a great place. It’s a place with many choices, many varieties, different cuisines as well. Outram Park is also a great place.

2 Truths 1 Lie?

I like bubble tea.
I like Starbucks.
I like hiking.

Favourite MRT station?

Yew Tee!

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