Q: The puzzles are so hard! Can you give me some extra hints?

A: When in doubt, use alphabetical order! Also, don't ignore the flavour text and title of the puzzles! However, please don't attempt to solve the puzzle solely based off the flavour text; the puzzle content isn't there for nothing :')

Q: What are the birthdays of the comm members?

A: This file might help!

Q: What is this S/U policy I've been hearing about?

A: Don't S/U your A's! B's and C's will become a S, while D's and F's will become a U.

Q: Can you teach me how to read hieroglyphs?

A: Yes, please refer to this!

Q: What's the pH of a pineapple?

A: You might want to consult this file!

Q: Are there any other useful tools for solving puzzles?

A: Here are some useful tools!