UFO16 Camp

Every year, we organize an orientation camp for Malaysian students – the University Freshmen Outreach (UFO), with the current one being our 16th camp.

In this camp, our purpose is to help Malaysian NUS freshmen settle down in a new environment, learn more about university life, foster new friendships and create unforgettable memories. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted our activities and hence we are going to hold a fully online camp. So don’t hesitate to apply even if you’re not coming to Singapore as of now, every incoming freshmen will definitely get their deal of fun out of this camp!

Camp Links

Puzzle Hunt

Solve puzzles to identify the murderer who killed Derek. Let the hunt begin!

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Camp Schedule

Check out the exciting activities planned specially for you. Mark your calendar, don’t miss out the dates!

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Camp Committee

Meet the committee members involved in planning for the UFO16 camp!

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UFO Confession Page

Want to share something anonymously? Here’s your secret safe haven!

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Camp Details

Curious about UFO16 camp? The deadline is extended till 1st July 2021. Sign up now!

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Promotional Video

Yet to watch our trailer? Click here to find out what happened to Derek!

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