Camp Committee

Committee Members

First of all, let’s introduce our UFO16 big bosses – the Project and Vice Project Directors

“Being a PD is like doing sai kang for all departments”

— UFO16 PD

We all know that it’s not easy to be a leader. The Directors have been overseeing the entire camp since the start of the year. The Directors were involved in recruiting committee members to planning the committee bonding event to supervising the whole UFO16 camp. They are definitely ready to go the extra mile to ensure you could experience the finest camp in your entire life.
P.S. please bring the murderer to justice for Derek 😀

Next, we have our Google Form PIC and our Bank Vault – the Secretary and Treasurer

The Secretary was behind all the Google Forms that you have filled up. He has also been noting down important details discussed during committee meetings. On the other hand, you would definitely remember our Treasurer because of his huge Paylah! QR code in the sign-up form. He is in-charge of all the finances and budgeting for our camp.

And now, allow me to introduce our Game Masterminds and Talented Actors in MSL – the Programmes Team

“My 5-man team feels like 10”

— UFO16 Progs Head

The Programmes Head has said it all. This super-team plotted the entire storyline and produced exceptional camp games in a short time period. If you think that’s all they do, you are wrong! They also acted like Hollywood superstars in our promotional video and you can see them in action again in our camp! What are you waiting for? Join us 😀

Here we present our Zoom Wizzes – the Logistics Team

“4 handsome knights carrying a beauty queen”

— UFO16 Logs Head

The Logistics Team are always working behind the scenes to ensure our UFO planning journey is smooth sailing. They focused on sourcing for the best T-shirt vendors in Singapore and handling the Zoom technicalities.

Next up on the list, we have our Academic Advisors – the Welfare Team

First time travelling to Singapore alone could sound scary and demanding. Fret not, the Welfare Team is always ready to share more tips and tricks to survive in NUS and in Singapore! They will be providing useful information for you to assimilate well into the Zoom University. The Welfare Team also hosts freshies bonding nights for you to meet your fellow Malaysian freshmen even before the camp begins!!

Let’s now jump over to the external departments. It’s an honour to present our top-notch Murder Mystery Film Crew and Video Editors – the Publicity Team

“It’s the Milo that kept me going”

— UFO16 Pubs member

Hey! Don’t dismiss the Publicity Team just because of their limited manpower. These three superhumans heavily contributed behind the scenes in our sick UFO16 promotional video. From directing to costumes and makeup to editing, they have done it all! Let’s not forget about the awesome T-shirts and lanyards all of you are getting for the UFO camp too!

Last but not least, we have our Scouters, Spammers, Stalkers – the Public Relations Team

“Sorry for the upcoming spam guys, gonna email all 60 schools”

— UFO16 PR Head

Yes, PR Team are the ones scouting for every single one of you Malaysians coming to NUS through every platform you could imagine. They are the ones replying all your queries regarding admission to NUS. Without them, we won’t have so many of you all attending the UFO16 camp!